Health Benefits


Not only does this remarkable fibre perform consistently over many years, it also acts as an air purifier to reduce Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's) that are released into the atmosphere by commonly used building products.

These toxins are absorbed into the very fibre of the fabric and not re-emitted for decades.

Another consideration is comfort. Wool fabrics have low thermal conductivity and, therefore, feel warm to the touch in cold weather and cool in warm weather.  It remains comfortable in hot humid conditions, where a man-made product can feel clammy. This is because wool has the ability to absorb moisture vapour without feeling wet and to release it as conditions change.

In these days of increasing allergies, wool even offers hypo-allergenic properties. It is naturally resistant to mould, mildew and dust mites, all of which can trigger allergic reactions.


Let’s face it- what more could you ask of a fibre?

Wool – It’s a natural choice!


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