Interior Use


Wools’ physical properties most relevant to furnishing fabrics are multiple.

Let's start with elasticity - wool fibres have a built in ‘memory’ that allows them to recover to their original shape even after being stretched over 30%. This characteristic keeps wool fabrics from crushing and wrinkling so that it always looks its best and will maintain its appearance for far longer than a less expensive fibre.

Its natural anti-static qualities repel lint, dirt and dust from its surface, thus allowing the fabric to remain cleaner for longer. When it does need cleaning, the overlapping scales of the fibre simply let the dirt sit on the surface rather than penetrating deeper, this allows dirt and staining to be easily removed.

Not only does wool look beautiful, its excellent durability will perform exceedingly well under constant wear, with such attributes this fibre can offer a lifetime of quality.

The fact that wool is highly flame resistant had made it a favourite choice for furnishing fabrics. It is natural flame resistance means that it does not melt, is difficult to ignite and has a low spread of both flame and heat release. These properties occur naturally but if necessary can be enhanced by the flame resistant treatments to pass even the most severe specifications.

Let’s face it- what more could you ask of a fibre?
Wool – It’s a natural choice! 

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