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Dear Campaign for Wool

It was not so long ago that a new blanket, piece of furniture or clothing was an item to to be cherished for a lifetime, yet in these days of abject consumerism, these products are tossed aside far too easily. At Inter-Weave, we believe this attitude fails to appreciate the planet's resources, human skill and environmental cost of excessive production. Also, much of society's constant search for a bargain carries its own cost. This needs to be balanced with the health of our planet, flora and fauna... everything in our world is inter-related....Inter-woven. This is why we love wool. We do!

Wool, it's in absolutely every fabric that we produce here in Auckland! Its timeless beauty and grace is sourced from some of the most picturesque places on our planet. It lives and breathes like the animal that grows it. Wool is biodegradable, unlike man made fibres. It does not use excessive quantities of water and pesticides like cotton, is a local resource and is sustainable. 

We are proud that Inter-weave products are made of wool, grown in NZ, spun in NZ by Woolyarns in Lower Hutt and woven here at Inter-weave. It's right on our doorstep, so please take the time to appreciate its natural, classic beauty. 

We hope with all our hearts that the general public increases its awareness and appreciation for such a wonderful fibre. 

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