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Environmental Policy Statement

Inter-Weave Limited Auckland is a Textile Manufacturing Company that is involved in design, research, development, production and sales of woven fabrics for upholstery, homewares and apparel.
The environmental policy has been established by the Management if Inter-Weave Limited.  Its purpose is to help plan, implement, check and review environmental performance on a continual basis.
The policy of Inter-Weave Limited is as follows:
  1. We are committed to utilising natural fibres from sustainable and local resources whenever possible.
  2. Compliance with current laws, regulations, covenants and overarching policy and guidelines of Inter-Weave Limited.
  3. Commitment to employee health and safety.
  4. Reduction of emissions and pollution prevention.
  5. Commitment to open dialogue with authorities, the public and media.
  6. Continual improvement of its environmental performance.
  7. Has a strategic plan for the reduction of environmental pollution.
  8. Use of an annual environmental plan and an environmental report.
  9. This policy is available to the public on request.
  1. Employees are encouraged to take better care of the environment.
  2. They are made aware of the factors within the environment policy which are relevant to their activities.
  3. Continuous action to prevent and reduce environmental pollution in their activities.
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