Fabrics lend ambiance and atmosphere to any space. Geometric designs can add to modern architectural elements whereas textures have the ability to soften them and add a new organic dimension.


Our qualified Design team are trained specifically in woven textile design. Their aim is to push the boundaries of contemporary textiles and achieve the perfect fabric to compliment any piece of furniture. Coupled with our state of the art textile software we are able to translate computer generated designs into woven samples. We source yarns from all over the world, which enables our fabrics to achieve innovative excellence that boast an array of benefits. They fulfill their purpose...beautifully.


We aim to achieve this in all that we do, whether it is creating a distinctive custom design or adding to our range of over 10,000 in-house designs. In many circumstances we are able to offer designs on an exclusive basis, we work with many designers in both a proactive and reactive manner, from concept to final product. With today's technology there are no geographical boundaries when it comes to providing service excellence. Our designer’s are able to work on clients’ developments whilst the rest of the world sleeps.  

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