Wool is a natural protein fibre and one advantage is that it is capable of reacting with many substances.  For this reason wool can be dyed with a number of different classes of dyes. This allows Inter-Weave to select dyes, which give a wide gamut of shades with excellent fastness properties and minimum effect on the environment.

Wool absorbs colour with such tenacity that the fabrics almost gleam with radiance. Vivid brights are readily achieved and contrast with the more softer natural hues often associated with this luxury fibre.

Our highly qualified team is passionate about colour. They match from a huge range of mediums, whether it be a paint chip, carpet or Pantone reference. To ensure the accuracy and consistency of our processes we utilise a state of the art spectrophotometer. This ensures that all our products achieve and surpass the rigid boundaries of commercial colour tolerance.

We have the capability to dye both yarns and fabric, enabling our customers to achieve infinite colour choices and a selection of dye vats that support our flexible and client orientated ethos.

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